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Would you or your organization be interested in being listed as a sponsor  in return for a donation of $200?  Sponsorship money will be used first to cover printing & mailing expenses, and any left over money will be used to pay authors.
Are you interested in being involved with the editorial board or with layout/production?
How you can become involved:
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Many literary magazines will tell you that the main thing they need is money. But really the main thing they need is READERS.  (Money is good too though.)   Over the years, Karawane has struggled with various distributors to get the journal into bookstores.  Distributors have failed to pay us and account for copies of the journal, they have gone out of business, and many just plain don't carry small zines and journals anymore. 

You can help significantly by getting Karawane out in your community.  Basically, for the cost of postage, we will send you a bundle of Karawane.  You can then place and sell them in bookstores yourselves or have events and release parties for the new issues where you can sell them, you can give them away free at performance events, readings, slams, open mics, coffee shops, etc.  So you send us postage money, we send you the journals and you distribute them as you see fit, so long as you get them out to readers.  Oh, and you can keep the profit.  So you can use the magazine as a fundraiser for your own groups and projects, and in that way, we do what we can to support performers and groups.

You can take a copy of Karawane to your local library or campus library and ask that they subscribe.  There is no higher rate for library subscriptions and we are already placed with Brown University, the University of Wisconsin and the New York Public Library.  We pay 30% commission to you for every paid library subscription you generate.

Likewise, we will pay 30% commission on all paid ad sales you generate. Contact us for advertising rates.

You can also help us by recommending and forwarding copies for review to publications with which you are involved or have a relationship of some kind.

Distribution & promotion are the most time-consuming and difficult aspects of publishing a journal and with a little help from a lot of people, we can maximize exposure for the very deserving artists published in Karawane.  

Finally, you can get involved by joining a discussion group.  Click on the links below to join the Performance Artist Discussion Group or to find out about performance events through the Twin Cities Live Poetry and Performance List.

Or, the Temporary
Death of the Bruitist
A Journal of Performance Praxis
Twin Cities Live Poetry & Performance List
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