Karawane: or, the temporary death of the bruitist is a literary magazine dedicated to experimental and avant-garde artists who perform their own work: poets, spoken word artists, playwrights, performance artists, experimental musicians, etc. It was originally started in Minneapolis and expanded to publish national and international artists.  After a hiatus of several years, Karawane is starting up again.  We are going to pay our artists and contributors in cash, not just in copies, which is very rare for a literary magazine.  Artists and writers, just like everyone else, deserve to be paid for their work, as you undoubtedly agree!

Karwane’s audience includes people who are apt to hang out in coffee shops, attend open mics, go to concerts, buy books, etc. We do an initial press run of 250 copies and we print more copies of each issue as needed. Your ad will be a permanent part of the archives and will be included in every press run.  You will also receive a mention/ad on our Facebook Page and you will have an ad on the Karawane website.

The magazine is 8 1/2 x 11 and so ads are based on a full page of this size. Our ad rates are:

Full page = $100
Half page = $60
Quarter page = $40
One-eighth page = $25

You can provide us with your own graphic or we can make one for you. We have some examples of ads that have run in the magazine and have been prepared/submitted by the business themselves.  If you are one of these, we thank you for your support and hope you will support us again!

If you would like to advertise, call Laura Winton at 309-292-1051.  The easiest way to pay for an ad is through our PayPal page at Karawane@earthlink.net, which is also where you can send the ad to.